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Festival Period Charges

Prices on festival dates (Christmas, Eid,etc) will be charged at a price 50% higher than our usual prices. This is because the number of drivers reporting to work on these days are few.


All prices mentioned are charged per vehicle. The prices quoted involve the driver taking the most economical route to the destination. If the passenger suggests a different route, the passenger is responsible of the additional charges like fuel, waiting charges,etc.


It is the booking person’s responsibility to make sure they request the appropriate vehicle to be able to transport the desired number of passengers and their luggage.

The capacity of each vehicle is mentioned on the MAS Transportation website. If the vehicle booked has a smaller passenger and luggage capacity than required, the driver has the right to refuse the transport of passengers due to safety and health rules.

If such a situation arises, passenger is responsible of paying the driver’s fare. Extra passengers and luggage can be added with permission from MAS Transportation as long as it stays within the capacity of the ordered vehicle.


The below mentioned payment methods are accepted:

  • Cash (in UAE dirhams) paid to the driver at the beginning of transfer.
  • Prepayment via phone or online with credit or debit card.

Phone Bookings

Our staff handle phone bookings with utmost attention and care to ensure accuracy. MAS Transportation is not responsible for any wrong details conveyed by the booking person or passenger. Certain calls are recorded for training purposes.

Booking Confirmations

All bookings made online on our website will be followed up by a confirmation email as long as a valid email ID is given.

Fraud Verification

All online debit or credit card reservations will be verified thoroughly.

Waiting Time Charges

  • Airport pickups

Maximum complimentary waiting time is 60 minutes counting from requested pickup time or scheduled flight landing time. For every extra minute exceeding the complimentary waiting time a charge of _AED per minute will apply.

We check the flight status before despatching the requested transfer vehicle. In case of flight delays, no extra charges will be incurred. If additional arrangements like shopping, refreshments, etc have been made upon arrival at the terminal, it is the passenger’s or booking person’s responsibility to book the transfer accordingly.

  • Seaport/cruise pickups

            Maximum complimentary waiting time is 60 minutes, counting from the preferred pickup time. For every extra minute an additional charge of _AED per minute will apply.

  • Home, hotel, office or other venue pickups

The maximum free waiting time which starts from the preferred booking time is only 10 minutes after which a fee of  _AED will be charged for every extra minute.

Additional Pickups and Drop Offs 

If any additional pickups or dropoffs are requested during the transfer an additional fee of minimum _AED per diversion will be charged for every mile.

Booking Changes or Cancellations

Transfer bookings can be changed or cancelled in advance via phone a minimum of 12 hours before scheduled transfer pickup time. We will charge a cancellation fee of 25% and the balance will be refunded. Any changes or cancellations must be made by contacting our customer service team not by informing the drivers.

Missed Flight

In case of a missed flight, the passenger or the booking person should notify MAS Transportation immediately so that we can inform the driver.

If the transfer was prepaid using credit or debit card, the money will be refunded after deducting the bank transfer charge. If the passenger opts for a later flight, we will provide the transfer service with no additional charges. Failure to notify this to MAS Transportation will cost the booking person or passenger the transfer fare or the fare wont be refunded if paid in advance.

No Show

A no show includes the following situation:

  • If passenger books an airport, seaport, home, hotel or other venue transfer and fails to meet the driver at the time of pickup.The driver will wait for a period of 1 hour 30 minutes from the time of flight landing. If the passenger doesn’t meet the driver within this time frame or doesnt make any contact through phone, email or sms to notify about their whereabouts will also be regarded as a no show.
  • Incorrect date and timing of booking made.

In case of a no show bookings made with cash payments will be fully charged and bookings prepaid with credit or debit card will not be refunded.


Prices quoted are for transfers through the most economical routes. The driver will evaluate the following when choosing a route:

  • Time taken to reach destination
  • Traffic
  • Road blocks or closures
  • Diversion

If passenger requests driver to travel on a different route all additional charges like fuel, waiting charges, etc is payable by the passenger.


MAS Transportation cannot be held responsible for any missed flights or trains or meetings,financial losses, etc the passenger faces because of adverse weather conditions, vehicle breakdowns, traffic conditions, road closures or accidents causing the vehicle to arrive later than the preferred pickup time.

In such cases we will inform the passenger inmediately after which the passenger can make the decision to wait for our vehicle or make alternative travel bookings.

MAS Transportation cannot be held responsible if wrong information was given at time of booking. In case of online bookings, a booking is not confirmed unless the passenger receives a confirmation email.

Vomitting or Fouling

Vomitting or fouling in the car by a passenger will incur a minimum charge of _AED which is entirely dependant on the severity of vomitting or fouling.


Refunds will be settled only if the following conditions are met:

  • All prepaid bookings made using a debit or credit card need to be cancelled a minimum of 12 hours before scheduled pickup time.
  • In case of a missed flight,passenger must notify MAS Transportation immediately through phone, sms or email and receive a cancellation number to get a refund.
  • Bank transfer fees will be deducted from the refund amount.
  • If refunds are made to an oversees account, all the bank charges will be deducted from the refund.
  • It takes 7 working days for refunds to be processed.

Refunds will not be issued if:

  • The transfer is cancelled later than the 12 hour duration.
  • If the passenger books a transfer on the wrong date, wrong time or wrong flight number, etc.

If the passenger has left the scheduled pickup point without informing MAS Transportation.