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MAS Transports

1. Do you only provide transport for companies?

We are a Dubai-based company that provides transportation services for Event management companies, Tourism companies, tourists visiting UAE, locals and anyone who wants group transportation.

2. What type of transportation do you provide?

We provide transportation in luxury buses depending on the number of passengers. Whether, it’s 10 or 100 we will send the suitable vehicle for the transport.

3. Are you a certified transportation company?

Yes, we hold a certified license to transport passengers.

4. Are your services only available for members?

No, our services are available to everyone who needs help with their transport.

5. Do you charge prices as per person or per vehicle?

Our prices are billed per vehicle. Please refer the vehicle capacity of the vehicle you choose to know how many passengers it can transport.

6. Will my assigned driver meet me at the airport?

Your driver for the day will greet you at the arrival terminal. You will be able to identify him by the board he will be holding which will contain your name.

7. If we have kids travelling with us, will you also provide child seats?

Yes, make sure to mention the age of the kid/s and we will provide a maximum of 2 seats free of charge.

8. How many hours ahead should I make the booking for a vehicle?

The earlier you make the booking the better. Vehicles must be booked no later than 12 hours before. Any last minute emergency bookings can be made by calling us for quicker dispatch.

9. If I book a vehicle online, will I receive an email confirming my booking?

Yes, you will receive a mail from us within 24 hours of your booking. If your transfer comes within 24 hours from the booking time, drop us a call for immediate confirmation.

10. Is it possible to book a vehicle through the phone?

Yes, phone bookings are possible.