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Cars can be confiscated for jumping red lights in Dubai

  • February 02, 2018
  • by Newton
  • Transport,
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Cars can be confiscated for jumping red lights in Dubai

The last but crucial arrangement of any event or outing is the transportation. While transporting a large group of people the most important things to consider are safety, comfort and efficiency.

There are many wonderful memories made within the confines of a charter bus. Whether it is a family holiday or an official event, hiring a charter bus for transportation brings about a buzz of excitement. Renting a charter bus comes with many advantages. You can leave the responsibility of driving to a professional driver and enjoy with the rest of the group. Charter buses are a guaranteed mode of safe transport for large groups, comfortable and the drivers assigned will be experienced about the route of traveller. The benefits are numerous and go beyond the scope of this blog.

To be able to reap these benefits, the charter bus company should be trustworthy, value customer safety and satisfaction. However, not all transportation companies are the same and the wrong rental company can ruin your expectations and put you at the risk of many unfavourable experiences. MAS Transportation recommends you to steer clear of charter rental companies that have the following red flags:

1. Late arrival

Time is something that can’t be controlled and so are sudden mishaps and compromising situations. All charter rentals experience unpredictable traffic or accidents. A good charter rental company will schedule their journey with enough buffer time which will not affect the time of pickup even if a delay arises.

When you book the charter and you state the starting and ending destinations, a good transportation company should give you a realistic estimate of the travel duration, not some sugar coated lies to secure a customer. Things that are considered to estimate a realistic time frame are the distance between locations, approved speed limits on travelling routes, preferred time of arrival at destination, etc.

2. Careless driving

A good transportation company should keep safety of their passengers as a top priority. For that to be possible their drivers should be trained about all safety procedures and all driving related information. Some companies hire inexperienced drivers to cut back on their expenditures and increase profits. These drivers might be unqualified to handle buses,not sure of routes, etc. This not only puts your safety at risk but might also result in you having an unpleasant travel experience. How can you tell if a company hires experienced drive or not? They won’t hesitate on divulging information about their driver rules and all the other measures they take to ensure that they hire well-trained drivers.